Southeast USA Events

    Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival, Georgia

   - Atlanta, GA           
September - What is the Dragon*Con Independent Film Festival? It is a combination of film oriented panels, celebrity guests, new and classic independent feature and short film screenings, discussions, and our short film competition (sometimes referred to as the Dragon*Con Independent Short Film Festival). All that combined with the 25,000+ Dragon*Con attendees creates an extraordinary film event.
    US Open Championship, North Carolina
   - Village of Pinehust, NC           
On Oct. 4, 1895, the first U.S. Open Championship was conducted by the United States Golf Association on the nine-hole course of Newport (R.I.) Golf and Country Club. The first U.S. Open was considered something of a sideshow to the first U.S. Amateur, which was played on the same course and during the same week. Both championships had been scheduled for September but were postponed because of a conflict with a more established Newport sports spectacle, the America’s Cup yacht races.
    Candlelight Tours of Homes and Gardens, South Carolina
   - Charleston, SC           
September - October 26. More than 175 houses and gardens, 8 - 10 per evening. Held annually early fall.
    Natchez Fall Pilgrimage, Mississippi
   - Natchez, MS           
October. Antebellum homes shown by hostesses in period dress, period music and theater.
    Riverfest, Mississippi
   - Vicksburg, MS             
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A traditionally beautiful spring along the banks of the Mississippi River in Historic Vicksburg! Blocks and block of river artisans, foods of the world and lively regional music of all kinds say "Welcome to Riverfest and the Red Carpet City of the South." Shop through wonderful shops, enjoy the newly renovated downtown, and take in the great sites and sounds that make Vicksburg a national attraction. With a schedule of great events include a kayak race from Lake Providence to Vicksburg, the Alcorn Jazz Fest, a block of activities for young visitors and bands and music all day long!
    Rome (Georgia) International Film Festival, Georgia
   - Rome, GA           
September - RIFF started as the little engine that could. And now, thanks to the many filmmakers from around the world who contributed their works, sponsors who supported us and people whose curiosity and open minds enabled them to experience us, RIFF is a thriving, multicultural world of film, thought and hope.
    Atlanta Festivals, Georgia
   - Atlanta, GA           
May 29-31, 2004
    Masters Golf Tournament, Georgia
   - Augusta, GA           
Looking to provide a service to golf by hosting a tournament, Bobby Jones and Clifford Roberts decided to hold an annual event beginning in 1934. The final decision was made at a meeting in New York at the office of member W. Alton Jones. Roberts proposed the event be called the Masters Tournament, but Bobby Jones objected thinking it too presumptuous. The name Augusta National Invitation Tournament was adopted and the title was used for five years until 1939 when Jones relented and the name was officially changed. An early decision was whether Jones would play or serve as an official. Jones preferred not to compete but was persuaded by the Club's members to join the field. In the 12 Tournaments that Jones played, his best finish was 13th in 1934.
    Sonic Ericsson Open, Florida
  7300 Crandon Boulevard - Tennis Center at Crandon Park - Miami, FL           
The dream of an international tennis tournament in Miami began in the 1960s, when top tennis players such as Jack Kramer, Frank Sedgman, Pancho Gonzalez, Pancho Segura and Butch Buchholz toured the country in a station wagon, playing tennis in darkened arenas and fairgrounds. It was before the days of Open tennis, and they traveled with a portable canvas court and plenty of hopes. Buchholz - an original member of the “Handsome Eight” (the first recognized pros of Lamar Hunt’s World Championship Tennis Circuit introduced in 1968) - competed until he was forced to retire from tennis in 1970 with chronic tennis elbow.
    Florida Citrus Festival, Florida
   - Winter Haven, FL           
January-February. Displays of fruit and livestock, fairway, country entertainers.
    Daytona 500, Florida
   - Daytona Beach, FL           
February 15, 2004
    Superbowl, Florida
   - Tampa, FL           
    Miami International Film Festival, Florida
   - Miami, FL             
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March - The Miami International Film Festival (MIFF) brings the best of world cinema to South Florida and plays a leading role in maintaining and further enriching its film culture. MIFF uses the unique geographical and cultural position of Miami to be a premiere venue for the exhibition of international and US films, with a special focus on Ibero-American cinema. Both juried and audience awards are given in Documentary and Dramatic categories.
    Miami Latin Film Festival, Florida
   - Miami, FL
The mission of the Miami Latin Film Festival is to foment foreign film in Miami and expose it to other markets, both nationally and internationally. The Festival promotes films of Latin language origin, which include Spanish, French, Italian, Portuguese, and Romanian.
The Festival supports programs designed to highlight the world's diversity of cultures, ethnic backgrounds and national origins. This sets a platform in which we aim to create greater understanding and cooperation among ethnic groups, increase awareness of Latin cultures in the diverse South Florida population and to support the growth of the Film Industry in Miami.
    Alabama Shakespeare Festival, Alabama
   - Montgomery, AL           
The Alabama Shakespeare Festival, located in Montgomery - Alabama's state capital - is the sixth largest Shakespeare festival in the world and attracts more than 300,000 annual visitors from all 50 states and over 60 countries.