Florida Fitness Centers

    MPower Project Gym, Miami-Dade County

  210 NE 18th Street - Omni / Downtown - Miami, FL           
MPower Project strives to provide you with a balanced approach to fitness and in an environment which is conducive to exercising comfortably and at your own pace.
Joining brings you many excellent benefits such as access to the entire facility including pilates, aerobics and yoga classes.
    Body & Soul Fitness Club, Miami-Dade County
  355 Greco Avenue - Coral Gables - Miami, FL           
Fitness Clubs come in a variety of styles and sizes. But, like a pair of shoes, you need to look for the style, comfort and style that fits your own personality. Body & Soul's goal is to fit your body and comfort your goal, catering to people who truly care about their own physical & mental health.
    ProperForm Private Fitness, Miami-Dade County
  1935 West Avenue - Miami Beach, FL            
ProperForm Private Fitness offers clients the best in personal fitness, helping you to achieve your health & fitness goals.
    Club Sweat!, Broward County
  201 SE 2nd Street - Downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL           
Club Sweat is a private health club located in the heart of downtown Fort Lauderdale, FL. To preserve its exclusivity, Club Sweat limits memberships to 500. This allows our members to work out in an uncrowded environment with one-on-one attention from our personal trainers. Members enjoy full access to 6,500 square feet of weight training and cardio equipment, an aerobics room, spinning classes, shower facilities, complimentary towel service and free parking.
    Metro 24/7 Fitness, Orange County
  995 North State Road 434 - Altamonte Springs, FL
Voted by the people as the Best Fitness Center of the Year, Central Florida for 2007, 2008 and AGAIN in 2009. Metro 24/7 Fitness is continuing the Journey to reach millions of people in Health and Fitness throughout this world! http://www.metro247fitness.com/
    Synergy Pilates Studio, Duval County
  1555 San Marco Blvd. - Alternative Medicine Specialists building - Jacksonville, FL           
Jacksonville’s first fully equipped Pilates Studio! Synergy's beautiful facilities provides a space for Certified Instructors and Physical Therapists, students and clients to practice Pilates in an environment committed to the holistic approach to movement and health. Whether you’ve been practicing Pilates for years or you have just begun your journey, Synergy Studio can help you achieve your fitness goals!
    High Intensity Training Centers, Duval County
  9446 Philips Highway, Suite 3 - Jacksonville, FL           
Jacksonville's HIT Center, the southeast’s premire High Intensity Training Center for anyone pursuing any fitness goal.
    JaxTrainer, Duval County
  603 Camellia Terrace Drive - Neptune Beach, FL           
Private Studio for One-on-One Personal Fitness Training. Serving the Jacksonville Beaches Area.
You can get in the best shape of your life without machines or gym memberships.
What you need is a personal trainer. Jaxtrainer Studio is owned & operated by Daniel Weisner - Certified Advanced Personal Trainer and Licensed Massage Therapist.
    Field House Gym, Duval County
  4616 Sub Chaser Court, Unit #9 - Jacksonville, FL           
Field House Gym is a fitness facility located in Jacksonville, FL that was developed to celebrate the athlete. You were born an athlete. Everyone was. Over the years, and several "I'll start tomorrows" later, you have strayed off course in achieving the best version of your athletic self. But, you are still an athlete. Therefore, together, Field House Gym will chip away at your days and months and years of procrastination one workout at a time and dust off the best version of you.
    Premier Physiques, Duval County
  14255 Beach Blvd. - Jacksonville, FL           
John Mier, owner of Premier Physiques has over 12 years of personal training and nutrition expertise. Premier trainers greatly expand the expertise and opportunities available to growing numbers of clients. Premier's mission is to help every client discover new levels of inner strength and outer beauty. If you are ready to discover new levels of inner strength and outer beauty, call Premier Physiques and we will help you get there.
    Health, Wellness & Fitness Professionals, Duval County
  1239 Rogero Road - Jacksonville, FL           
Health, Wellness & Fitness Professionals, Inc. provides Massage and Fitness Products and Services across the Nation!
Self-Care classes, Personal Training Certification Course, and Fitness DVDs are just a few of the great products and services HWFP offers.
    Sportsplex Health Club, Duval County
  450 Atlantic Blvd. - Neptune Beach, FL           
Sportsplex Health Club has the largest selection and best equipment of any gym, with two levels, two group classrooms and 140 classes per month.
    Paradise Gym, Miami-Dade County
  1236 South Dixie Hwy - Coral Gables - Miami, FL            
Paradise Gym is your friendly neighborhood gym offering you great amenities and top notch service in a comfortable setting. Paradise Gym is the BEST personal training gym in Miami. This is the place you go when you are serious about getting into shape and having fun doing it.
    30 In A Hurry Fitness, Miami-Dade County
  112 Valencia Avenue - Coral Gables - Miami, FL
Unique and private environment enables us to focus on individual clients in a way that many larger facilities cannot. One-on-one approach and our semi private training programs allows us to design integrated, challenging fitness programs which address the specific needs of our clients.We ensure that you are getting a comprehensive workout that is specific to your goals, guaranteed to be safe, efficient and most of all effective. http://www.30inahurryfitness.com
    The Body Shop, Miami-Dade County
  5850 Commerce Lane - South Miami, FL           
Welcome to the body shop, a private state of the art fitness studio that specializes in one on one personal training.
    Dynamic Health and Fitness, Miami-Dade County
  2395 Coral Way - Miami, FL            
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T.R.U. Fit (Total Results Ultimate Fitness) Miami Boot Camps are workouts like nothing you have ever tried before. They are high-energy, fat-burning and calorie destroying workouts. You will be encouraged and motivated every step of the way and you will be amazed with your results.
The workouts are designed to transform your body. T.R.U. Fit Boot Camps are a Total Body Workout, it combines various types of training systems, exercises and equipment to always challenge your body and to keep you motivated to get the most out of your body.